Get ModMail Premium to upgrade your server experience and support the development work!

Automated Messages
Configure the bot to send an automated greeting or closing message to the user whenever a ticket is created or closed.
Advanced Logging
This includes all messages sent through ModMail. It's your choice whether to view on the website or download a text file!
Snippets are saved responses. You can use them with a simple command and you won't ever have to type the same thing each time!
Priority Support
Our staff are readily available to help you out with any matters. From setting up to configuring, we've got you covered.
Exclusive Channels
Get access to exclusive channels in our support server, and always be the first to receive the latest news and updates!
And More...
Even though ModMail Premium is a one-time purchase, you will get access to all features and perks released in the future!


Premium for 1 server



$30 per server

One-time Purchase


Premium for 3 servers

Super Patrons


$20 per server

One-time Purchase


Premium for 5 servers

Super Duper Patrons


$18 per server

One-time Purchase

Need Something Professional?

We can host an exclusive instance just for your server! This include the premium features listed above, and you will also get to customise the bot username, avatar and status. Please contact James [a_leon]#6196 on Discord for more information.